Referral Program

DVS, LLC awards referral credit for referring a rider. Contact us for details

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Payment Methods

DSV accepts Federal Transit Subsidy Payments e.g.,  WMATA Smart Benefits and DOT TRANServe Debit Card. We also accept Credit Cards, and Personal Checks

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Benefits when you Vanpool

Time and Money Savings; Improves Your Quality of Life, and Minimizes Stress.

Jump on other DSV vans if you need to get home/work at a different time

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If you’re concerned about sharing a ride and not having your car to get home in case of an emergency?

The Guaranteed Ride Home program through Commuter Connections provides a safety net that lets you rideshare without the worry of getting stranded at work. It offers a free taxi ride or rental car ride home in case of illness, emergency, or if you have to work late due to unexpected overtime. You can always rideshare with confidence – there’s a ride home if you need one.

Do you need a vanpool from Stafford VA to the Washington DC area?